Thanks to our effective and fully integrated tools department, we handle the development of our moulds and other devices in-house.  We work to find the solutions that best suit the unique constraints of each client. Thanks to our tools centre, fitted out with all the machines we need (UGV centres, wire and hub electro-erosion, rectification, Read more about Tools[…]

Pressure injection

With over forty years’ experience in metal foundry, PYLE INDUSTRIES is well placed to assist our clients during the product definition process. We have 8 fully robotic aluminium pressure injection presses, ranging from 250 tonnes to 750 tonnes. Our fully monitored injection configurations ensure the highest quality.

Aluminium machining

PYLE INDUSTRIES has more than a century’s experience in machining, making us one of the best-performing companies in Europe in our field. We have 27 robotic machining transfer machines, enabling us to manufacture large and medium-sized production runs. These highly accurate and productive robotic machines guarantee a level of quality which meets the most exacting Read more about Aluminium machining[…]

Plastic injection

With 30 years’ experience in thermoplastic injection moulding, PYLE INDUSTRIES is a key ally for your operations. We have 22 fully robotic presses, ranging from 50 tonnes to 320 tonnes. PYLE INDUSTRIES specialises in over-moulding metal inserts, which are set in place by multi-jointed robots. We have the expertise to manufacture both technical and finishing Read more about Plastic injection[…]

Warm pressing

We offer our clients the benefits of all our experience in warm pressing, using automatic presses which run up to 530 tonnes. We craft metal components by transforming brass, copper and aluminium.